Rules and Regulations

Welcome to the SikhiTreasureTrail, a family adventure around London taking you to some iconic London landmarks and some lesser known ones too, all with links to Sikhi.

Rules and Regulations


1.      All teams must be registered and have paid online at

2.      It is £100 to enter

3.      The #SikhiTreasureHunt is a race and the day will be composed as follows

a.      Initial meet up at Sri Guru Singh Sabha, Park Avenue, Southall

b.      At meet up the teams will be given their first clue

c.      At each location the teams must send an image of the entire team to the Treasure Team Central number provided to them

d.      If the image is correct the next clue will be given 

e.      If the image is wrong, they will be advised accordingly and they will need to keeping hunting

f.      At the last location upon receiving the last image the Treasure Team Central will provide the location for the finishing line

g.      The winning team is the first one to get to the finishing line and so the winners of £1000

4.      All locations will have a Sikhi connection, and as such there is only one answer for each clue

5.      Each team must give one contact number which the Treasure Team Central will contact

6.      When a team has won, all remaining teams will be contacted, at which point they can continue the Treasure Trail or can choose to come to the final finishing line.

7.      All ages are permitted to enter but no team with members under the age of 16 will be allowed to enter without an adult

8.      How you choose to travel around London is completely up to you

9.      Please respect the locations you go to, all are in public domain and as such you are representing Sikhi

10.      All locations are free to enter

11.     The #SikhiTreasureHunt is a race but we do not advocate breaking any laws in playing the game

12.     Please do not put yourself or others in danger in the gathering of photographs.

13.     Ensure you have enough food, water to last your time during the trail

14.     Please adhere to road and traffic laws

15.     Parking must be paid for by teams, Sikh2Inspire is not responsible for your parking.

16.     Sikh2Inspire will not be held responsible for any speeding fines, parking fines





Where to find us?

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+44 (0)7415 369200
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