Connect with your Guru through discourse, discussion, seva and simran. We host many events aimed at bringing us all closer to the Waheguru.

2nd Annual 40 Day Sadh Sangat Simran Jaap in loving memory of the 40 Mukhte. 13th Jan - 22nd Feb 2014 ay Guru Nanak Gurdwara Smethwick, UK. Organised by Sikh 2 Inspire

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What is Sikh2Inspire Camp?

It is a four day retreat in which you get to experience the greatness of Sikhi, become inspired and realise yourself. It’s a fun environment for campers of all ages and backgrounds to come together, to learn, reflect and implement Sikhi. Sikh2Inspire is a non profit organisation that is based on donations provided by sangat and holds events across the country teaching young people about their faith. As well as an action packed timetable full of great talks, discussions and activities, the Sikh2Inspire camp will provide accommodation and a free kitchen for all attendees. Most of all this camp is for individuals who aspire to be inspired!

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Cancellations & Refunds

Any cancellation/refund requests made by campers after the official camp application closing date will not be refunded. Any cheques or other forms of payments made towards an application after this closing date will be used towards seva of the camp.

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Where to find us?

Phone Number
+44 (0)7415 369200
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